I’ve been a client of Christine’s for a good while now, and there’s no doubt that working with her has changed my life for the better in ways I could’t possibly imagine.  I was absolutely delighted when Christine suggested we conduct our sessions virtually while lockdown is in place even though I wasn’t sure I’d get quite the same experience as I normally have with Christine in person.  Wonderfully only a few days later, I am cultivating plans and feel even more industrious in working towards my personal and professional goals.  As ever, Christine was a tonic – and a wonderful person to connect with in a very difficult time.  Thank you Christine xx

Lucy Mundy, London

Despite being a little unsure of whether I would benefit in the same way from a Zoom session, I was left feeling pleasantly suprised from the experience, managing to find the same postive energy and clarity with Christine’s guidance and care as I do when I have a one-to-one.

Will T, Peckham

I initially was apprehensive about how my Zoom session with Christine was going to work; whether it would be the same as in my personal sessions, whether I would feel discomfort, but any fears I had were quickly put at ease. As ever, Christine made me feel comfortable to discuss my feelings and explained how to cope with such. Especially in an unusual environment and unsettling time (COVID-19) I felt comforted by Christine’s words and wise advice. Whether in person or through a screen, Christine’s sessions always help me make a positive change in my life.

O.K, age 18, South East London

I recently started sessions with Christine after a difficult period which triggered bad insomnia and anxiety.  I’ve had three zoom sessions so far and they’ve already been increibly helpful.  All the sessions were delivered via Zoom video calls – a first for me! and this hasn’t impacted the quality of support I received or feel much different to having sessions in person!  After just one session, even though we have not met in person, I felt like Christine had got to the bottom of my situation and was able to personalise the support I received.  I’d also completely underestimated hypnotherapy – for me it has felt like a combination of therapy alongside hypnosis which has been great as it’s meant that there has been an immediate improvement to my situation but that it’s also given me a better understanding and awareness of the issues I’m facing alongside tools and techniques that will hopefully help me in the longer term.


Ella, Dulwich

I wasn’t sure how our sessions would translate onto Zoom but I’m glad I gave it a try. Christine was wonderful and I came away feeling as refreshed and energised as from a live session. 

George H, Peckham

I have recently had sessions with Christine through Zoom.  I wasn’t sure at the outset if doing the sessions virtually would work as I thought they might feel more remote, less “safe” and intimate.

But Christine’s positive active listening and engagement as well as her calm soothing approach more than compensates for not being in her physical presence.  On the contrary, it has felt very comfortable to sit on my bed and drift off at the end of sessions in a state of calm and not have to “face the world” at the end!

SK, Peckham

I was delighted with my virtual session this morning.  It felt like just the same powerful, calming effect, even though we weren’t in the same room together, which I hadn’t expected, and all from the comfort of my own armchair!  Thank you so much.


F C, Victoria, Central London

My initial doubts about the effectiveness of a Zoom session with Christine were banished within minutes of our beginning the free trail hour online that she kindly offered when the Coronavirus crisis erupted. Having now had two full Zoom sessions with her I can attest to the effectiveness of her hypnotherapy via that medium.

H.F. Hampstead