I have always been in awe of painters, artists, writers and musicians in fact being around creative people make me feel very happy.   I grew up in a family where creativity was always seen as something that other people did. Although the truth is my dad is a talented gardener and story teller and my mum turns her attention to looking after people. Both wonderfully creative I now realise.

To me my clients are like beautiful paintings that have been neglected in one way or another. Perhaps they have been stuck in a job where they work very hard but are fading fast and it is time to get their colour back. Or they may have been in an accident, a traumatic event that has shocked them and now they are broken or peeling at the edges. Sometimes they have been glossing over themselves by “pretending” and now they are feeling like a fake.

Of course there are also those masterpieces that hang in central positions looking fabulous. The trouble is that the effort of staying up is causing a lot of anxiety and stress. Are you hiding poor sleeping, performance and confidence issues that nobody would ever know except you? You look great but inside your not feeling it.

My job is to restore you. My job is to help you wash away layers of defensiveness and pretending. You can replace out dated filters and generalisations that camouflage your true potential. Restoring you to your natural and original glorious fresh self.

Over the course of our lives in order to fit in and evolve we adapt to situations. We can often adjust and change in order to be the person “they” want us to be. It can feel like less fuss that way. The trouble is it can take a heck of a lot of effort to keep that up and eventually cracks in our paintwork start to appear.

Therapy is not just for crisis. Don’t wait till things get really bad. I would be delighted to have a chat with you about how I can help you with your specific situation.