“My parents said to me how much I had changed, how much happier I seemed and how much more like my old self. My partner has mentioned it also, that I am a lot less anxious and appear more happy and relaxed. On reflection I think I have too! This has been due to my sessions. I highly recommend Christine, this has been a very beneficial experience.”
Mark Tatham

“I confess that I was somewhat sceptical about how effective hypnotherapy would be when I first went to see Christine. I am now however an utter convert! Christine has helped me to find a greater acceptance of myself and to find a healthier balance in my life.

Through our sessions and the supporting recordings, I have also managed to give up some rather destructive and nasty habits (including a two year addiction to a nicorette inhilator) and now am able to relax far more easily and, crucially, am sleeping better than I have ever done before. Christine’s caring manner and lovely, warm voice have become a very important part of my support network.”

Clare - East Dulwich

“I was unhappy living in my flat and wanted to move to a house. My circumstances made it feel like it was impossible. As well as the really helpful hypnotherapy that we did Christine also advised me to create a vision board for what I wanted.

I started by getting photos from the internet of how I wanted my new home to look on the outside and inside. I then bought a nice book especially for the purpose and starting pasting in the photos, writing in what I wanted to do in each place (be happy with friends, sleep well); and how I wanted to feel (safe and secure; creative)

On one page I had a photo of the hearth – the heart of my home – and wrote exactly what the house would mean to me: “warm and inviting, safe, calm & peaceful, rest, joy, friendship & love, light. A Haven.

I found my new home within 3 weeks and within 3 months I had moved in. There were lots of things that confirmed to me I had found the right place but the most moving and re-assuring thing was when after a few days of moving in I was clearing up in the garden. I found a couple of slabs holding the back gate closed and was about to throw them away when I realised there was engraving on the other side.  They turned out to be a broken name plate for the house “The Haven”!!

I think that the Hypnotherapy and vision board really helped my whole being – conscious and unconscious – to engage with what I wanted and needed so that I could find my heart’s desire.”

Clair Cooke

“I have to tell you that the Hypnotherapy was a complete success. I never forgot the bananas, but I barely had to conjure up the imagery! It is quite incredible to be liberated from what has been a debilitating fear for so long.I think you may have changed my life in a very positive way.

Thank you so much.  It was a wonderful trip, made all the better by literally having no fear, whatsoever of any of the heights we scaled, either mountainous, bridge or trail. Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions, and hope I can work with you again.”

Becky Palmer

I felt nervous when I attended my first session with Christine as the term “hypnotherapy” did seem rather strange to me. As soon as I entered Christine’s private practice and she met me at her door my nerves vanished because of the friendly, down to earth and open welcoming manner. I had two session for Panic attacks and Anxiety which had been created by overwork and the inability to say no. My hear rate was raised.

What was the most interesting aspect of my session was the fact that I had already found a “solution” to my feelings before knocking on Christine’s door. “Taking on too much responsibility”.

Well yes! however this was just the surface and through the calm interactive talk, the gentle hypnotic reminding me of key thoughts from the issues arising from my thoughts, the guidance involved in the repetition of these thoughts I gained  valuable insight into the nature of the problem underlying my severe anxiety.

I had taken on work and responsibilities that had taken me away from my true self and was involved in things that I did not enjoy and were not self-empowering. I had not valued as positive key developmental aspects from my past.

Christine said to me ‘look for the bright spots’ as I left my second session and “you can always come back at anytime”. She bookended my sessions with these two great phrases.

When I next attended a meeting that I had been dreading I found that I was able to re-align myself, enjoy the ‘bright spots’. I am now in a calmer place, making decisions about what is best for me, not giving into pressure and this has led to some surprising action involving researching into “drama and dance classes” and story telling. I also now know that there is the support that we all need at various times in our lives available to me which is person centred and liberating. Thanks Christine from my lowered blood pressure and me!”

Pauline Collins

“Thank you so much for all the help you gave me before my wedding. It was just a perfect day, as you said it would be! I really enjoyed myself and testimony to this is how happy I look in all pictures.

You were a massive help and support to me – I never imagined that the day could have been such fun and without your help I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed it so much. Joe said to me afterwards, ‘well, she worked wonders considering before every time you heard the music you were going to walk down the isle to, you started crying! And you did – so thank you!”

AB – East Dulwich

“I went to Christine for Life Alignment following a recent emotional trauma and burnout.
Receiving the treatment of Life Alignment with Christine, was actually one of the best forms of therapies that I have ever encountered. Christine was incredibly good at listening to my situation to compassionately help me to release and heal the past enabling me to move on.
The session was both emotional and invigorating as I was able to accept and be aware of my past hurtful emotions that were still in my body as well as being aligned and tuned in to a future that supports me holistically.
I feel more in tune with my body and wellbeing in a way that I am able to create and sustain healthy boundaries in all areas of my life.  I feel safe with the knowledge that everything will work out fine now that I am aware of how my emotions affect my general happiness and overall wellbeing.”
Tracy, South East London

“I went to Christine for help because I was finding it difficult to cope with life as a busy working mum. I felt angry a lot of the time, with my children and my partner, and sometimes I couldn’t switch off my brain, over-thinking everything happening to me. In our sessions, Christine helped me understand why this was happening, and the recordings she made for me to help me relax have been so useful.

The process takes a bit of work, it’s not an instant cure. The best thing is now I feel I have a safety net when the pressure builds up and am much happier as a result.”

Mum & Marketing Exec Clapham

“I sincerely appreciate all that you have done for me through our sessions. I went to see Christine as  my partner left me for the 3rd time to go back to his ex partner. I felt emotionally wounded, I cried daily and was struggling to manage my daily responsibilities. In essence I was heart broken, distraught, confused and angry. I wanted to heal, reconnect with myself and feel balanced.

Christine has given me strategies to enable me to manage the emotions, she has shown empathy, compassion and been very honest when working with me. She taught me about the importance of nurturing my inner child, positive thoughts and positive energy necessary to empower myself alongside supporting me to ultimately to make the right decisions in order to achieve what I want in my life.

As a result I now feel far more positive and optimistic about my future. I have a clear direction and I feel like the missing piece is now in its rightful place, enabling me to feel complete again. I now understand the importance of acknowledging my inner child’s needs which ultimately assists me in my journey of loving myself as a adult.”

SH - South East London

“When I decided to contact Christine it was after 30 years of struggling with my weight and even after years of therapy, I understood the emotional relationship with food but I wasn’t able to break the pattern.  Christine was able to draw on the most positive experience of my life and use that to help me visualise better ways of thinking about myself and my relationship with food.

Whenever I make the time to listen to my personal recordings I feel hugely more positive and energised to start living my life differently, and I have definitely noticed a subconscious shift to healthier food options and being more nurturing to myself.

I would recommend Christine to anyone wanting to try a different approach and not another diet.  She makes you feel very comfortable during the sessions and it’s clear she’s a kind and caring health professional.”

Kate Shaw - Treseder

“Christine – I’ve been meaning to write to you to say that the reading I did before Christmas was a great success. Thanks so much for making it happen for me and unlocking some of that power. Strangely, I think that the hypnosis has really helped me find my vioce – I’ve been beavering away on loads of poems and am delighted with some of the results.”
Julietter Myers

“When I first went to visit Christine, I had been suffering from anxiety attacks and IBS for ten years and had already tried several forms of alternative therapy. I was about to embark on writing a PhD, which I was excited about, but I was also daunted and stressed by the amount of travelling involved and the effect this would have on me and my family.

I did not know what to expect from the sessions with Christine, but was immensely relieved at the outset to find a highly professional but caring person who was able to make an immediate impact on my very distressing symptoms of anxiety. Over the course of several sessions, I learnt how to breathe, meditate and calm my system so that I could deal confidently with the everyday and begin to lead the more spontaneous life I had been longing for. I was able to use public transport comfortably again and, after one dedicated session, shed my terrible fear of flying. In each session, I felt that Christine swiftly got to the root cause of my anxiety and offered me long term solutions to my problems.

Over the last few years, I have thus been able to confront and enjoy all manner of what would have previously been terrifying situations. I have completed my PhD and feel as if I have got my life back again.”

FC – London

“Sessions with Christine have helped me to gain clarity at a time when chronic pain had completely undermined my self esteem and my thoughts had become jumbled and chaotic. I arrived at Christine’s muddled and confused and left feeling much more confident, purposeful and self-aware.”
JG - Thornton Heath

“I have suffered from chronic panic attacks for many years now. So much so I find it impossible to venture to new destinations without extreme fear. Last year my daughter announced her wedding plans. Although we were all delighted, to my horror the location of the reception was somewhere that I felt would be impossible for me to travel to.

My wife suggested that I contact Christine because of a personal recommendation. I very grudgingly gave her a call. Hypnosis was not something I would generally have considered. The rest is history. Going to Christine gave me the confidence and the strategies that I needed. My daughter’s wedding was one of the best days of my life.”

AW - Purley

“I have had a phobia of spiders since childhood. I only had to see a spider and I would start panicking. Even a tiny spider would upset me and although I’m not proud to admit this I would have to find some way of killing it if I couldn’t get someone else to remove it. Christine took me through the EFT tapping system in a bid to diminish the emotional charge that fuelled my fear of spiders. I am happy to tell you no harm has come to any spiders that I have come across since then. I have even removed a couple of small ones using a container and without fear or panic.”
TH - Mitcham