“Neurons that fire together, wire together” Donald Hubb

Self love in the time of corona

Don’t let something on the outside of you dictate how your neurons are firing!
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You Get to Choose

I hope that you and yours are well and that the first three weeks of lockdown have been bearable, all be it that there has been such sad news for so many people.  We are all doing well in this household although have had some heartbreakingly sad news about two very dear friends mums.  Like all of us I wish I had a magic wand that could solve Covid19 so that we could all get back to normal and yet I know normal is absolutely set to change.  

I have transferred my practice onto Zoom and that has been wonderfully successful.  It is amazing how intimate and transforming a virtual platform can be.  To be honest being able to keep working has kept me feeling purposeful and useful.

With that in mind I thought I would send out something to help with the next three weeks of lockdown and beyond.  When our outside circumstances appear to be dictating to us and controlling us I know that the answers lie inwards.  So in this time of lockdown if you can’t go outside then I say “go inside”

This message is sent to you in the hope that you are inspired by it’s content and will turn inward during this lockdown, for at least a portion of the day to do some satisfying internal spring cleaning.  My deepest hope is that you and those you love are well and that when you look back on this time in history you will have some silver linings to reflect on as well.  With this in mind I have created a new piece of hypnosis that is long enough to take you deeply inwards and short enough to be woven into your daily routine.  Now is a perfect time to create new neural pathways that set you up for a more fulfilling creative life.

It is understandable that we are all thinking about other people.  Our loved ones and how to keep them safe.  The NHS and how to keep it and those that work within it safe.  Our hearts are going out to those of us who are struggling with sad news or who are buckling under the weight of fearful news.  These things can have us spiralling inward or looping unhelpfully with our thoughts, emotions and imagined scenario’s.

We are trying to wrap our heads around the effects of Covid19.  Perhaps we are confused and uncertain about what the economy holds in store for us on the other side.  At the very least what we take for granted has been shaken and at the worst our monkey minds are indulging in their own flavour of catastrophic scenario’s.

I honestly believe that one of the corner stone principles that will change the planet is our ability to truly love ourselves.   As within so without. We have to be taking care of ourselves in much the same way as we have to when we enter the scene of an accident.  Imagine the scenario that you turn round a corner and there is somebody lying in the middle of road face down.  There is an impulse to rush over and help however we absolutely must make sure that we are not rushing into danger.  We have to check that the road isn’t too busy or that there isn’t a wild animal or an unstable electricity source nearby.  Before we can help somebody else we have to look after ourselves and in that way the help we offer will be much more mindful and beneficial.

When I was thinking about what I wanted to write about, that could be most helpful at this time, I thought of several places to start.   I love the idea of using this lock down to take better care of ourselves.  I thought about creating a new potent piece of hypnosis to help us to:

  • clean up our diet?
  • change our mind set around physical exercise? 
  • build self confidence and self esteem?
  • let go of stress and everyday stressors?

Then I had a light bulb moment and thought how much better it would be to create a pivotal piece of potent hypnosis that would take us into our subconscious mind, our control room, with the sole purpose of remembering and defining that we have the power to choose for ourselves.  We are the creators of our destiny.  We are in charge, even of course, if it doesn’t always feel like it.  We get to choose where our attention goes and our energy flows.

When we truly get this concept.  When we know that we have the personal power to go inside and dictate the direction in which we are travelling then we change our lives, rather than life changing us.  My Soul got sold on this idea a long time ago and my life took an amazing turn for the better. 

We all have a monkey mind, we all have an inner librarian and we all have an inner child as well as many more aspects to our personality.  The trouble is they can all be vying for our attention so much that we forget that we have to choose which part of ourselves we are going to listen to.  We have to direct our collective parts, and from there we can set our internal sat nav in the most helpful direction for ourselves.  

With that in mind I have attached a piece of hypnosis specifically created to have your creative neurons firing in an extremely helpful direction so that you get to choose where your attention goes.  Your inner librarian has access to every single nuke and cranny of your control centre, your amazing subconscious mind, your librarian is part personal assistant, part genie and part genius.  Doesn’t it stand to reason that you want to know how to influence this power aspect of yourself?

I encourage you to listen to this recording regularly so that you can create a conditioned autopilot within yourself that automatically seeks helpful thoughts, feelings and emotions.  So that as soon as you notice noticing unwanted reactions you naturally ask yourself the question : “Is this helpful”  if yes, great, keep doing that and if the answer is no then you will learn how to change the channel and choose a much more potent and powerful place for your awareness to settle.

Remember: Neurons that fire together wire together. Wouldn’t you like to choose which neurons to fire?