Human beings have survived because of our ability to keep moving, to evolve by adapting to our environment. Our environment has become more and more anxiety producing and stressful mentally and emotionally while at the same time we are perhaps moving less with less need for physical activity.

The result can be to feel that our energy is frazzled.  Life Alignment is all about creating balance.  A balanced mind and body allows for our natural and powerful homeostasis to keep us healthy and happy.  Life Alignment is a therapeutic tool that helps us to feel more centred and more balanced within ourselves so that we can find more natural and fulfilling rhythms and ways of engaging with ourselves and others.

Consider for a moment the tremendous power of the moon.  The moon is not just a beautiful sight to behold, the moon is immensely powerful.  The moon’s energy moves the tides in all the oceans around the world.  The invisible energy of the moon moves tides. Wow! What if the invisible energy in and around you is also powerful? What if you can shift your energy for the better?  What if you can become more in rhythm with things working out and going well?  Would that be an interesting possibility to consider?  Could you get curious about that working in your favour?

Life Alignment is a cutting edge system of vibrational medicine which addresses health, wellbeing and psychological growth.  The western world is becoming more used to energy therapies.  The therapeutic benefits of Acupuncture, Reiki, Mindfulness Meditation are being embraced more readily now. Science is proving their effectiveness.  The term energy is becoming common parlance.  Statements such as  “she has wonderful energy”, “this place has good vibes”, “I feel safe with her she gives out good energy” or the opposite end of the energy spectrum,  “the energy in this place feels all wrong”, “this job is sapping my energy”, “I feel stuck it’s like my batteries are flat” are everyday phrases.

Life Alignment balances your energy.

Life Alignment energetically shifts self sabotaging blocks and aligns you with your goal.

Life Alignment is all about creating balance.

Life Alignment recognises that to be truly healthy, we have to take into account all aspects of our internal environment – body, mind, spirit, life purpose.

We have to release old stagnant energy around sabotaging patterns and welcome in new energised flow and creativity.  In this way we not only affect how we move forward and how we feel about ourselves, we also enhance our relationship to the wider external environment.  We energetically align in our favour.

The moons energy moves tides.  How is your energy moving you?


“I feel safe with the knowledge that everything will work out fine now that I am aware of how my emotions affect my general happiness and overall wellbeing.”  Tracy – SE London