The Boost Your New Years Resolutions May Need.

To reach any goal we need good habits that create a strong bridge across our challenges to the other side. These good habits are also the building blocks to self confidence. Step by step you gain strength and prove that you are capable of achieving your goals. Confident people cultivate confidence by choosing to face challenges.

A Key stone habit is the head honcho of habits. It is not only the linch pin that holds the other good habits in place it will also generate motivation and momentum for you.

Your key stone habit is the most significance habit to focus on. Develop your commitment to it first and the rest will follow more naturally.

These three PDF’s will help you to choose the most effective habits that will take you to your destination. I encourage you to take a moment to craft your own habit bridge, across the choppy waters, to achieving your goal.

You can print out your own Blank Keystone habit sheet below.  Fill in the goal you intent to achieve.  Anything from “Being Fitter by Spring” to “Declutter and Organise my Home”. On the back of it, brain storm all the habits that you can think of that will help you to reach this goal.  Once you have written them all down choose one of them to be your Key Stone habit.  

Choose the one that will set the tone for all of the others to follow. Your Keystone habit should make logical practical sense.  It may feel a little daunting and could take a bit of effort to stick to and yet you know that it will be worth it.  

Commit to this habit.  Then choose eight more habits from your list to support this one.  Fill out your sheet and put it on your fridge.  Look at it regularly. Memorise it. Commit to cultivating these helpful habits.

Research has shown that writing down everything that we eat is a powerful weight loss tool.  In this example I have written it in the key stone box.  When you create your own habit bridge you get to decide which habit to make key. Choose one that is meaningful for you.

February’s slice will include a hypnotic mp3 to complement this month’s positive psychology message and create more feelings of confidence on the inside of you.

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