The purpose of hypnotherapy is to connect you with all three levels of your amazing mind.  This connection creates a more direct route towards your destination.

Otherwise we can get caught up in a dance that we have become used to and yet very tired of.  Like the girl in the red shoes story. Compelled to keep dancing the same unhappy directionless dance.

When it comes to therapeutic hypnosis it is more accurate to talk about waking you up out of the dream that you have been living in.  Dehypnotising you out of the unhelpful automatic pilots.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle and compelling invitation to you to let go of negative self talk, let go of ruminating on unhelpful images and let go of self destructive habits.  Using common sense coaching, hypnotherapy and life alignment we will work with all 3 levels of your amazing mind and body.

Between the two of us the aim is to put an end to your suffering so that you can reclaim your self belief and refresh your self confidence. You can rediscover and remember an internal feeling of personal power and freedom.  The purpose of life is to be happy.



Your conscious mind is that part of your thinking that is visible to you. That part of your awareness that allows you to think about all the ins and the outs and ups and downs of your life. Some might call it your monkey mind. Lets say about one eighth of your mind.

Your subconscious mind is where the majority of your mind exists, home to a wonderful store house of resourcefulness. Like an iceberg your subconscious mind may not be visible to you but it is there! Just underneath the surface of your awareness lives the other fabulous seven eighths of your mind. Exciting untapped resources for you to explore.

Your mind and your life experience is supported and in tune with boundless consciousness. Meditating monks, leading scientists, and creative people have known this for centuries. Just as the iceberg is supported by and made from the same elements as the ocean. You are made of the same substance as the stars you vibrate with boundless consciousness! Life Alignment aligns you with your goals by balancing your reactivity to outside stimulus. Thus realigning you with your truly powerful inner wisdom and creative nature.

“We are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself.”

Brian Cox