Align and Shine and begin your 2021 with your best foot forward.

January is a time for letting go of some excess baggage so I thought I would share with you my toolkit for putting my best foot forward whenever life feels challenging and I need to refocus and revamp my sparkle.  

Sometimes we just want to have the essential tools because it makes choice so much easier.  These are my essentials.

In Essence if you want your Energy to Shine you have to know how to Align.

These are my go to’s for trimming off unwanted psychological weight so that you can live your life with a greater lightness of being, simply by knowing where to put your attention.  

No matter what challenges you face this year, if you want to Shine you have to know how to Align. 

A:        Affirm your Intention. Set your internal SatNav in the direction that you are headed. Then no matter how off course you go (which is inevitable), you will be training your brain to reset your internal compass and get back on track. Every day we have the opportunity to create something that is at the very least functional and at the very best beautiful.  

L:         Love is the best energy we can choose.  Make it your biochemical drug of choice that will supercharge not only your life but also the lives of those people you co-create with.  When we create with love everything works better, everything!

I:          Intuition is your internal driving voice that can, if you let it, guide you forward to live a healthy, happy more fulfilling life. Your Intuition is the still quiet, yet potent voice, within you, which wants your attention because it has so much wisdom to share.  It will never push or shove you, it simply waits patiently and faithfully for you to open your heart and your ears to it. Awareness existing behind every problem and every life experience, patiently waiting to be heard.

G:        Gratitude, like Love, is a superpower and it’s potent goodness rejuvenates and energises even the most weary of hearts.  It lifts our spirits and keeps us going whilst our monkey mind is being rewired.  The trick is knowing how to shop for gratitude, where to find it within ourselves and how to keep it alight. Honestly, gratitude can be like energetic rocket fuel you simply need to know how to keep it lit.

N:        Navigating all the hazards in life while we build the life we want. Those people working on their own stuff, the substandard tools we may think we have, the time restraints and the build up of pressures. As we navigate there will be bumps, bruises, we will fall down and have to pick ourselves up. We can expect that, and embrace it as part of the thrill. 

The simple truth is that when we want to Shine in life we first have to know how to ALIGN.  

We need to be courageous and affirm our intention for each day and each goal that we have.  With the superpowers of love and gratitude we can energise our life no matter what we are facing. When we are in touch with our intuition we need never feel alone.

Thus we can navigate our way through life in ways that are fun, fulfilling and best of all – meaningful.

Please feel free to get in touch to book a session or simply to let me know how you are doing.  Wishing you the very best start to your New Year!